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BUILDING MultiCulturalCare Nursing Education Model – FOCUS GROUP and INTERVIEWS

The MulticulturalCare Nursing Education was designed to teach Multicultural core competencies that nurses and other health professionals should learn before working in clinical or community settings.
A preliminary literature review and conceptual framework was built, discussed and shared with all partners of the MCCare team, in order to build the key principles of the MCCare Model and to map MCCare training programs available.

In order to build IO1, the Project partners intended to include the perspectives, the needs and, the “voices” of migrants, stakeholders and the final users of these outputs.
Focus Groups (FG) and Interviews were conducted by all the partners, in community and academic settings, involving migrants, refugees, health professionals and international experts in the field.
MultiCulturalCare Team developed a common Screenplay to collect data in order to explore the current realities in the field of providing care in multicultural contexts. Ethical guidelines of the study, criteria and methods to select participants, and technical guidelines for data collection/analysis were approved by all the partners and by an independent Ethical Committee. Each partner cooperated in the process of FG /Interviews; Data collection/Analysis; Final Reports, Evaluating Results.

Also a formal Scoping Review Protocol (SRP) Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) was coordinated by PT Team. The First Phase was: locating studies through searching/Selecting studies for inclusion. Until 30th of May 2021, the PT Team did the first screening of the data extraction articles listed according to Protocol criteria. In the Second Phase, the final articles list was equally shared and analysed between all partners. The analysis (blind review) of each article’s contents was performed by two members of each team (a 3rd was the arbiter in case of disagreement). The Scoping Review Protocol (JBI) was accepted and published. The Scoping Review itself is now being carried on by all the MCCare partners. Data is being charted to describe the body of literature according to the review research questions that were defined, presented graphically, and accompanied by a narrative that describes the characteristics of the training programs.

A MulticulturalCare Model (O1) Draft was developed by ESEnfC, with the contributions of data analysis and reports of FG, and the data of preliminary literature review.

Using this MulticulturalCare Model draft, some major dimensions of MCCare competencies in nursing were identified and three Pilots with Innovative Pedagogical Approaches were conducted.
The outcomes of the Pilots experiences, along with the results of the Scoping Review will be used to build the Final Version of the MCCareModel.