Educating students through innovative
Learning methods to intervene in multicultural complex contexts

The objective of the MulticulturalCare project is to develop the MulticulturalCare Model for nursing education. It will be a generic model containing the organizational, educational, and professional elements for the development of students’ competences in this field. 

In addition to recommendations of best practices in this field, the MulticulturalCare Model will include a pedagogical dimension that will stimulate in nursing students the need to think critically about the realities around them. 

This will be possible through innovative learning methodsSimulated Scenarios on this topic, and an E-book as a didactic learning tool, freely available to students, teachers, and nurses.

This project also aims to promote entrepreneurial skills in nursing students, enabling them to conceptualize innovative solutions and humanitarian interventions related to the health of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers; to develop collaborative networks between European higher education institutions, healthcare institutions and non-governmental institutions and to  increase the capacity of higher education nursing institutions to operate transnationally, sharing ideas, practices and methods of nursing training in the field of cultural competences in health care.